Our Mission

We believe in home owners having access to wholesale cost solar with the best warranties and equipment available. Our mission is to help as many homeowners as possible take the free energy that is hitting their roof and utilize it as equity instead of continuing to burn money with the utility companies.

Why Helios Power?

The Largest Positive Impact

We have the ability to work in any state with access to the best installers for every state. We vet out the installers for you to make sure that you are getting the most amount of power for your dollar.

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Save Money With Solar

Right now your roof is being hit by sunlight and you aren't capturing this free limitless energy. Instead of letting the utility company take your money and build solar farms you can just put that solar farm directly on your roof and cut out the middle man.

Residential Solar At It’s Best

We make sure that your design is the highest efficiency possible by having a team of engineers put together your project. This allows you to capture the most amount of sunlight out of your system possible keeping your rates low.

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The process

We use your address and your utility bill usage to get over 117 different quotes from local installers. These are all done in our proprietary system where the installers are competing on bids for your house.

Once we complete a bid with an installer we are off to the races working for you, you just sit back at this point and relax while allowing us to complete the solar project.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Have any questions or need a quote?

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