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Why Helios Power?

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The Largest
Positive Impact

We submit with over 117 different installers to ensure that you have the best price, warranties and equipment available on the market.

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Save Money With

You’ve done the hard part, you own your house. Now we need to help you own your power.

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Residential Solar
At It’s Best

We specialize in residential solar allowing home owners to put the power into their own hands.

About Helios Power

We decided that it was time for home owners to get the best quality, prices and support so we decided to make over 117 different installers compete for your pricing using a proprietary system which allows us to get wholesale pricing and warranties for everyday people like yourself.

Stop renting your power, finally take it back and put it into your owns hands.

    Does your home qualify for solar?

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      Lock in your power rates

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      No money upfront

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      20%-50% savings off your power bills day one!

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